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Thematic Areas

The Conference covers a wide spectrum of topics in six thematic areas like, Electrical Energy Systems Analysis, Electrical Energy Systems Management, Electrical Machines and Power Electronics, CAD/CAE Techniques and Simulation, Electrical Instalations and Industrial Production, Instrumentation, Control and Robotics. These areas include among other, but not limited to, the following topics:

AREA 1: Power System Analysis

a) Steady state analysis.
b) Dynamic analysis and stability.
c) High voltage techniques.
d) Isolation coordination.
e) Renewable Production.
f) Integration of Renewable energy on the power grid.
g) Energy Storage.
h) Fault Location.
i) Applications.

AREA 2: Power Systems Management

a) The structure of the markets and prices in the electrical energy market.
b) The economic regulation in the electric energy market.
c) Strategic behavior in a competitive energy market.
d) Prices regulation for independent operators.
e) Service quality and reliability.
f) Optimization techniques.
g) Management of Distributed Generation.
h) Applications.
i) Other.

AREA 3: Electrical Machines and Power Electronics

a) Steady state and transient.
b) Permanent magnet machines.
c) Special machines.
d) Fault Diagnosis and Testing.
e) Design and construction.
f) Motors and Generators Regulation.
g) Electrical Generation. Power Plants.
h) Transformers. New materials and new technologies.
i) Electric Vehicles.

AREA 4: CAD/CAE Techniques and Simulation

a) Electromagnetic and thermal fields modelling.
b) Numerical methods (FEM, FDM, BEM).
c) Material proprieties modelling.
d) Optimization.
e) Petri networks.
f) Neural networks.
g) Expert systems.
h) Fuzzy systems.
i) Genetic algorithms.
j) Electromagnetic compatibility.

AREA 5: Electrical Instalations

a) Illumination systems. CCTV, intrusion.
b) Normalization and regulation.
c) Earth networks.
d) Protections.
e) Rational energy use.
f) Power quality. EMC.
g) Domotic.
h) Applications.

AREA 6: Industrial Production, Instrumentation, Control and Robotics

a) Production management.
b) Analogical, digital and optical instruments.
c) Sensors and actuators.
d) Control technology.
e) Programmable automatos.
f) Communications networks.
g) Real Time Systems.
h) Flexible and intelligent manufacturing.
i) Autonomous robots.
j) Applications.


The 14th Portuguese-Spanish International Conference of Electrical Engineering, XIVCLEEE is divided into:

- Conference plenary / panel of experts, one room for all attendees
- Presentation of oral communications in three rooms simultaneously
- Presentation of the poster communications type in the morning and afternoon sessions in panels intended for that purpose


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