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Executive Committee

A.P.D.E.E. is managed by an Executive Committee. This Executive Committee is formed by a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary / Treasurer. The President shall represent the Association externally and has the authority to act on behalf of the Association and can delegate this function on the Vice-President when necessary.

All the members do their job without receiving any salary, and are designated by the General Assembly of the Association for a mandate with the duration of 4 years.

The General Assembly of the Association, in the meeting of 28th May 2010 approved the composition of the Executive Committee for the next 4 years that will be:

Prof. Doutor Carlos F. R. Lemos Antunes
My Linkedin webpage
E-mail: chairman@apdee.org

Prof. Doutor Manuel Peréz Donsión
Electrical Engineering Dept., Vigo Univ.
E-mail: donsion@uvigo.es

Secretary / Tresurer:
Engª Maria Teresa C. G. Lemos Antunes
E-mail: teresa.antunes@enaco.pt



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